Emergency Disaster Services

The Emergency Disaster Services team exists for the purpose of service to people in need due to any disruption in their normal life without discrimination. The Salvation Army will respond and provide not only food, beverage and shelter, but also spiritual counseling when requested. We will respond promptly and stay until the crisis is over.


– Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network –

The Salvation Army has by inclination and tradition strived to provide service at the point of greatest need in time of disaster.  Numerous services are available to alleviate suffering, meet physical needs and provide spiritual counseling and support

The purpose of the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network is to train and acquire personnel skilled in emergency communications and message handling, who will support Salvation Army operations in local, regional and international disaster situations.

Our fervent hope and prayer is that our congregate service may indeed help mitigate the trauma and impede the potential of widespread tragedy that is implicit in disaster.

The WMNI SATERN unit supports the divisional level responses, projects and initiatives of Emergency Disaster Services by providing communication services as well as working with and alongside EDS volunteers.